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URGENT NEWS: Due to some unfortunate curcumstances the forum is temporarily DOWN. We are working on it and will reopen around the beginning of next week at the latest. Sorry for the inconvenience - DO WRITE DOWN YOUR NOTES SO THAT YOU CAN REPOST THEM LATER! And don't worry - the whole forum is backed up and allright :) Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the Airdrome Project development site! Airdrome is a computer game simulating a modern airport operation, including construction, maintenance and commercial management. Some unexpected /by no means random!/ accidents might show up as well, and the player will be expected to deal with those too. The game world experiences day/night cycle, season changes and weather. Depending on a geographical location, the climate differs.

In game creation, we opt for the maximum realism possible - making it real is what counts :)

Now, now... did you think the game is complete already? You wish, eh? But we are working on it. If you feel you could help, then contact us ASAP!

In fact, the idea of the project appeared after Den played Airport Inc. game published by Talonsoft. The concept seemed good, but not too original. The implementation, though ambitious, was poor. Judging that nobody complains about multiple simulations based on the same subject /like warplanes and star wars for example/, Den decided to launch a project of his own.

It was planned to be a remake, but since we received no answer to our letters to Talonsoft about acquiring the code from them and fixing bugs/adding features (for more info see Project History), we had to settle with the idea of writing an entire new game from scratch. Needless to say, the game will be completely different from the Airport Inc. in all aspects... bar one, of course - the subject itself :)

The game is now in the early development stage, so suggestions on features are welcome - visit our forum for details. The legal status of this project is still being determined, but whether it will be an open public project, or a closed one, we are all working for free in this one, and are not intending to sell it anytime soon. So, this is a non-profit hobby project anyway.

This site will grow as the project grows. Check back to see the thing evolve! Or, if you feel like helping with the evolution, go ahead and contact the webmaster. Needless to say, all material on this site is copyright by The Airdrome Crew. Violators, beware!